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Posted on Dec 27, 2014
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It’s the holidays! For people like me this means so many people are newly engaged.  Some of you may be sporting some beautiful bling on your hand. Tag me on instagram or twitter, I want to see too! @regalaffair is how you find me out there.

So after the excitement begins to die down it’s time for the nitty gritty. Personally, I think you should call me and hire me, but wedding planners aren’t for everyone for several reasons and that is okay too.  This is the first in a series of posts for newly engaged.   I want you to sit and write out your guest list.  Whoa. What? Yes. just do it. It will be one of the most tedious tasks you take on so it makes sense to get it over with.

If you have a large family like I do  then not just any venue will do.  So, you really need to know your best guest before deciding to look at spaces. I would hate for you to fall in love with a venue that will only accommodate 80 people but your list of probably attending is around 150.

  1. Start with excel. Create the list like you would for mail merge.
    • Mr. and Mrs.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Street Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Number invited
    • Probably attending
    • Notes
    • any other field you may want
  2. I don’t want you to worry about addresses unless you already know it. You are setting up your worksheet for the down the road. Today is all about numbers
  3. What about my Uncle Jaz? I don’t know his proper name! That’s okay, again, we want numbers. I want you to make a place holder for all your people. I like do it by groups. My family: Parents, my siblings. Then my eldest uncle, then the next entry is his grown children, etc… It’s all in order because that’s how I remember them all, by their group. You can do it however you like and however it makes sense to you. This is just my personal preference that way I get both sides of each side of the engagement party.
  4. Number invited: if you are inviting me and my family that number would be 7.  (Mr. and Mrs. Mongkon Jasiczek and our 5 kids. Weird name, right? That’s why we call him Jaz.  See that whole Uncle Jaz question above. On the Jasiczek side most of the males are nicknamed Jaz! just get that placeholder in there.) At the end you will total all these in this column and that will tell you your total invited guest count.
  5. Probably Attending: You know your people. In my family on my mother’s side I can count on who is coming to a family wedding. Easily 75 of us will attend a first cousin wedding. I know which of my closest friends will also come to my personal events. In this next column, you know how you can count on. Add those numbers in here. This way if you have a large disparity between the two you can have the discussion early on in the planning process on how to proceed.

Take my advice and get this task out of the way.  This is advice I relay to every single new client. It’s the first thing I want completed before we seek out venues.  I remember fondly meeting with my bride who is marrying Memorial Day weekend. She spoke of a beautiful intimate wedding of less than 100.  She described her family, especially her father and then groom’s family.  I told her I wanted her to get accustomed to the idea she was going to have a large wedding. They completed their list – just under 200.  And as the months have gone by it’s inched up to 300. We made sure to pick a hotel ballroom to accommodate her growing list. I knew this family and list would grow and oh my has it grown from the initial 75!  I’ll update this post before the New Year to include a blank wedding guest list.

Good luck in your planning.  Please consider hiring a professional planner! We are avialable all over Texas and globally. Destination wedding are our specialty. Look for our exploits this wedding season in Mexico, West Texas, Turks and Caicos and soon to be announced Caribbean location.

Photo provided by current client and bride Maddie Sanchez.


**UPDATED 12/28/2014**   Clicke on the following link to download a simple excel spreadsheet to get you started. wedding guest list

Posted on May 29, 2014
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2013 was the year of all things bling. Gold was a huge hit and continues to rage on for events in 2014.  My personal take away is that all things blinged | shiny | gliterrati is not going away.  As customary, I love education. As a seasoned pro I seek out more and more education to stay on top of trends, set trends and to also educate others. This year started off with a bang in Nashville, Tennessee (they call it NashVegas and now I know why!)  The Special Event attracts hundreds of event professionals from around the country and world.  One of my favorite finds was the vendor Bedazzle My Bon Bons. These are not only gorgeous they are delicious.  Delicious I tell you. And for those of you who know me personally, you know I know my chocolate. I bought two sample boxes and it took all my will to bring them home for others to sample.


Add some flash to you events with the gorgeous and delicious treats. Step outside your candy table box and add color and shine. Bedazzle-My-BonBons-6You can order in bulk – best price. My advice is to order in bulk and work on packaging yourself. Bulk orders come in a foil cup, or without or on a stick.  If you need them to handle packaging be sure to give them plenty of lead time. Below are the current colors.  Many flavors to choose from.  As a chocolate aficionado, I will stick with milk chocolate.




Posted on Jan 10, 2014

In honor of  Throwback Thursday #tbt tradition I will start featuring weddings we done that haven’t seen light of day in ages (I accidentally killed 8 years of blog post in the rebrand – yikes!).

I had the pleasure of working on a quickly planned second wedding.  I immediately sent them to Westin La Cantera one of my favorite places for full service everything. Great catering staff, delicious food, accommodating to all your hospitality needs.

Enjoy the pictures!


westin la cantera old fort lawn wedding

westin la cantera old fortin lawn wedding

westin la cantera cocktail table centerpiece

mirrored glass vase centerpiece

westin la cantera floral centerpiece westin la cantera bridesmaid bouquet

bride and groom old fort lawn westin la cantera

bride and groom westin la cantera

westin la cantera old fortin lawn wedding reception

westin la cantera wedding reception



Posted on Jan 05, 2014
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For San Antonio brides today marks the first bridal show of the 2014 wedding season.  They are known as bridal shows, showcases and wedding fairs. These will have roughly 500-1000 attendees and one to one interaction with potential vendors will be limited. But with limited time you can find a few potential vendors for your wedding that you can revisit in the coming weeks. I could wax poetic about how to prepare for San Antonio bridal shows but here are 5 simple tips.

Here are a few tips before you head out the door:

  1. create an email to register with.  After these shows you will be inundated with information and a slew of marketing emails. You don’t want it clogging your regular box and you can take your time to visit this email inbox at your leisure.  
  2. wear comfortable shoes – no explanation needed
  3. limit your posse – Honestly we want to talk to you and the check writer. Also talking with a current client, before she was engaged she attended 3 bridal shows with her engaged friends. She is already overwhelmed and hasn’t even started the process. So limit your posse to the nearest and dearest.
  4. Be prepared to share your phone number with people you are interested in considering. Legitimate vendors will not bug you too much so don’t be afraid to have a conversation with them and be honest about your selection timeline. I don’t want to call you unless you really want me to and I want to respect your timeline.
  5. You’ll collect a lot of information but have a way to distinguish who you want to follow up with. i.e. you may receive information from 7 different photographers, I like for my clients to select from a choice of 3 sometimes up to 5. Have a small sticker or a pocket in your bag to place those prized vendor brochures you are serious about considering.

Lastly, Research the show. While the Bridal Extravaganza is today, there is also the Wedding Fair Show coming up in a couple of weeks.  You can check pricing on some vendors that don’t vary much per wedding (DJ, Tuxedo, transportation) and may be able to get a show discount.

Today, January 5th,  the Bridal Extravaganza kicks off the 2014 wedding season at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center from Noon – 5pm

January 19th Wedding Fair Show will be at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa from Noon – 4pm


Good luck! Congratulation on your engagement!

(and don’t forget to call us when all this information is just too much to sort out)

Posted on Jan 03, 2014
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So the holidays are barely over and you are staring at your lovely engagement ring. This won’t be that post about what to do first. There are so many planners out there blogging about first steps to take. Not me! I can wait for your business 30 days from now when it all starts to pile on and you went to that HUMONGOUS bridal show.  I want you to go get a fresh manicure and then set up regular appointments for the next 3 months.  Once you get engaged it is day after day of showing off your beautiful new ring.  I want to see it every time I meet a newly engaged bride.  I literally want to see it so if you instagram, tag me so I can ooh and ahh over it. (@regalaffair)

Enjoy these first weeks and all the attention your ring will get but goodness make sure your nails are done. For local San Antonio area brides my new favorite nail person is Priscilla of The Vanity Room. Her Instagram is full of pretty images AND she is also recently engaged planning her wedding. I love chatting with her about wedding stuff so I know new brides will feel a connection and she will appreciate your excitement and anxiety as these weddings are quite the task to pull off.  The pictures below are just my nails.

The Vanity Room

Inside JC Salons

11703 Huebner Road, Ste 201

San Antonio, Texas 78230

By Appointment only


IMG_20140102_173952[1]  IMG_20131218_141405[1]  IMG_20131202_172051[1]   And yes! I totally want you to call me when you feel you might need the services of a wedding planner.



Posted on May 13, 2013
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Our fab clients Amy and Paul, married this past May are currently featured in the new issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine.

Posted on Apr 23, 2013
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Here is a tip I don’t usually share. Shhhhh. It’s where I get some of my fabulous designer shoes for less. The Outnet. The Outnet is the “sale” site for Net-A-Porter.  Surely you all are familiar with them?  It’s been my go to place for everything designer for many years.

Today, they have some new Valentino in. Ah, this girl just LOVES Valentino.  From the dresses to accessories to the shoes!

valentino satin pump

You can find these lovely satin pumps here. Usually priced at $765, they are affordable with a price tag of $340.  It boasts a 6 inch heel! But don’t fret, 1.5 inch of platform means it’s really a 5 inch heel.  These shoes would run a half size small, as they are closed toe pumps, so order a 1/2 larger.  The Outnet has a great return policy, so if it still isn’t right, don’t worry. I love these shoes because of a comfortable platform and a the solid heel. For a bride, you will have height, style and comfort.

Good luck shopping and of course, if you need help planning, call us!

Posted on Mar 22, 2013
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Engaged Couples, Brides and socialites: there is a new venue in town.  The Veranda! Formerly the Lodge in Castle Hills. It’s had a nice little facelift along with the owner is the fabulous Chef, Mike Bomberg of Spice of Life Catering.

Their first official wedding is tomorrow with a formal grand opening scheduled for April 4th.

You can find the Veranda at the same great place: 1746 Lockhill Selma, San Antonio, Texas 78213.  If you are interested in scheduled a tour, learning more about renting the venue for your event, you can contact Jessica Silvaggio-Galbreath at the Spice of Life office: 210-366-1220.  Don’t wait too long, they’ve been booking for months now and after the grand opening, I know their dates will fill up quick.

Their website is being updated as we speak.


Posted on Mar 17, 2013
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Here is the wedding planner’s tip: there is no such thing as photography magic. You have to interview and hire a skilled photographer.  
This image tells you all you need to know.  We build a team to make your day flawless. The photographer captures all the perfectness we have planned for months.  The photographer also builds the relationship with you to capture all these moments we don’t see during the hustle and bustle of the day.

It’s a critical vendor choice, do it wisely, without haste.

This lovely image taken by Luke and David Edmondson.

Posted on Feb 19, 2013

One of my secrets to shopping for fashion bargains is using Ideeli.  A couple of times a year, they focus on weddings. The sampling provides some dresses (which are returnable), gift items and my favorite: SHOES!

You must be a member, but membership is free.  They have a great return policy (I’ve never encountered a problem).  Items that are eligible for return are clearly marked.

Go now and snag this cute dress. Perfect for your departure at the end of the night.  I love the lace 3/4 length sleeve and the price! At $79.99, it’s a great choice and I could see myself dying it a different shade, perhaps coral for use after the wedding, if the fabric allows.