Posted on Jan 03, 2007
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Here is a quick Fall 2006 recap:
Our last three months of the year were consumed with fund-raising. There are so many great causes out there – it was hard to say no. This fall, we added another event to our charitable work, Eva’s Heroes.

We started in October with the annual Rape Crisis Center for children and adults. Our fundraiser was held a the Historic Alameda theatre. It was a great location with incredible political attendees. I was fortunate to also gain the support of Governor Rick Perry and other gubernatorial candidates, Chris Bell, Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Kinky. Each candidate created a mask for auction. It was a lot fun with District Attorney Susan Reed adding her colorful commentary. We also had a few other masks from the Spurs players, Julian and Joaquin Castro (FYI: Julian is engaged to be married this summer), Judge Nelson Wolfe and many others. Many beautiful pieces of art were purchased that night to help the continuing work of the RCC.

Early November had us busy with a new organization, Eva’s Heroes. Eva Longoria has committed her name and time to assist a population here in San Antonio which is dear to me: people with disabilities. We are always happy to help Eva in her many endeavors, but this by far was my personal favorite. The highlight of the fundraiser was the fashion show by persons with disabilities of all ages, children through adult and then live auction of many fun items. I tried to buy tickets to the Oprah Winfrey show, but shortly after it began, it was way out of my price range….maybe next year.

We ended the year with an organization where my career began, Mission Road Developmental Center. I was in med school and volunteered at MRDC during breaks and holidays. I then realized my goal in life was working in a social capacity. After a couple of years, I took a position with MRDC as a outreach coordinator for their summer programs. MRDC gave me my first professional job and taught me so much. I soon left them and pursued many great jobs in different cities with a stellar reputation for taking new programs to new heights. I have always been grateful for my humble beginnings at MRDC and when we moved back to San Antonio, I was eager to give back in any capacity. I never dreamed that I would be in the event planning industry offering help in this capacity. I am proud to report that prior to the evening fundraiser in December, we had already surpassed last years fund raiser and the event and auctions had not yet happened! I don’t know final numbers, but I know MRDC will continue their great programs throughout the year with this funding.

If you have time and need an outlet for volunteer work, The Rape Crisis Center and Mission Road Developmental Center are always looking. Eva’s Heroes is not yet operational, but I will post when it is.