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Necker Island

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Necker Island

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Your boss is not going to be very happy if the audience can’t hear that $20,000 keynote speaker or can’t see the PowerPoint presentation of the new sales strategy. Yet A/V experts say many planners make basic mistakes over and over. According to Bob Cherney of Paradise Sound and Light in Orlando, and Bob Walker, vice president of creative services AVWTelav in Dallas, lots of potential problems can be avoided if you understand these 10 things:

10. Give presenters more equipment than they asked for. These days, most presenters will use some or all of the following equipment, even if they didn’t ask for it: flip chart, laser pointer, computer-to-audio interface, and wireless remote queuing for PowerPoint. Having these items ready if needed is not overly expensive and can avoid last-minute scrambling and potential embarrassment.

9. Know when you need an expert. Do not expect the person who spends his career pushing roll carts and carrying flip charts to mix monitors for your six-figure, big-name entertainer. Name entertainment requires specialists.

8. Don’t try to put a screen in a room with a 10-foot ceiling. Let’s say you want an intimate atmosphere for a 300-person dinner. Of course, a lower ceiling is one way to foster that. But if you also want to have a video presentation, you’d better rethink your options. The bottom of a screen must be four feet off the floor so people can see to the bottom. That means the screen can be no more than six feet tall, which in turn means you’re going to need a lot of screens. A single six-by-eight-foot screen will not service 300 people. Three or four screens will be needed. Suddenly, the atmosphere isn’t so intimate.

7. With projectors, brighter is better. Sounds obvious, right? But there’s a catch. Every projector has an optimum “throw distance” to the screen at which brightness is maximized. Try not to diverge from that distance, because then, in order to still maximize brightness, you’ll have to rent special lenses.

6. Beware of sheer-fabric drapes. Sheer drapes, particularly on windows facing east and west, give the room a nice glow — and wash out the screen in the process. Make sure the venue you select has blackout curtains that can be dropped down behind the sheer fabric.

5. Know who is billing you for what. Rigging and power generally are not included in bids from AV companies. These charges typically will show up on your master account with the meeting venue. Be sure to take this into account when negotiating with the venue.

4. Give the A/V vendor complete, accurate and timely information. Planners often neglect to find out something as simple as what time and for how long they have access to a room. The A/V vendor needs to know that in order to budget the requisite labor. Also provide detailed floor plans and clear descriptions of all activities that will be taking place in the room. And make sure to find out from the venue complete information on where in the room things can be hung from ceilings.

3. A/V eats floor space. Many planners do not adequately gauge how much space A/V equipment consumes. Make that a priority when designing a floor plan. Remember that any space behind a screen is wasted.

2. Never put loud speakers behind the audience. Due to the speed of sound, in a large room you’ll need to install “delay” speakers every 80 feet or so. These speakers digitally delay sound so that the audience hears the sounds from the stage and the speakers at the same time. The problem is, inexperienced planners often put speakers in the back corners of the room, trying to fill in the sound from behind. This is a terrible thing to do. The sound from the front and the rear will collide in the middle, and a good portion of the audience will hear nothing but mud. Speakers always must be pointed in the same direction.

1. Good A/V costs money. Cheap A/V is generally bad A/V. Unfortunately, some bad A/V is expensive.

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Love these two, Spurs fans were scarce on Tuesday in the Q, but we will be there in force tonight.

Do you think Peyton will be there tonight…I would luv to get his autograph.

Well, All wedding related posts will just have to wait as I prepare to leave for Cleveland, Ohio in 1 short hour. I couldn’t miss the fourth and final game of the 2007 NBA finals. I will be carrying a small broom with me on the plane. Since it is a private plane, do you think bringing a broom will be a problem? Do you think if I manage to get it on the plane I can take it into the Q Arena?
Anyway, I’m off, look for me on the floor of the arena when the Spurs when. If we happen to lost tonight, this post will self destruct and I will be so upset as I have to visit my Father for Father’s day instead of going back to Cleveland for Game 5.
I couldn’t find a picture of Eva at game 3 so this is from Game 2. Check out her shoes. My personal favorite, Mary Jane peep toe platforms by Christian Louboutin. HOT!

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I have been told our most famous betrothed, Tony and Eva won’t go on a honeymoon right away….since they have time to think about it, I will start posting some recommendations. Here is my first:

I have on good authority this mentioned location is secluded and private. If their website title is any indication: then it is a private island. I can’t take the credit for this find. Our previous client, Brett and Diane honeymooned there in April. They haven’t shared any photographs yet, but I am anxious to see them. CAYO ESPANTO is a private island off the coast of Belize.

“Discover your own private island at Cayo Espanto,
where paradise and luxury come together as one. This new, five star, world class resort is for the discriminating few who demand the best life has to offer. We
invite you to spend enchanting evenings and unforgettable days overlooking the
Caribbean while our staff overlooks nothing. Located three miles from San Pedro
in the calm waters of the Western Caribbean, off the coast of Belize, Cayo
Espanto is truly a spectacular and private retreat. Although Belize is less than
two hours from Miami and Houston, it remains virtually undiscovered”

Tony and Eva, for a paltry 12k per night, you can have the whole island to yourself. And like the staff at the St. Regis in Bora Bora last year, my husband, sister, brother, his fiance and I would be thrilled to ride around in jet skis all day keeping the paparazzi at bay. I am sure I can get a whole crew to come down with us to Belize.

“Serene days begin with a breathtaking sunrise
and breakfast brought to you in bed. Anglers come from all over the globe for
the unbelievable fly fishing on and around Cayo Espanto. Enjoy exhilarating days
of fly fishing within casting distance of your villa. Here bonefish and even
small permit thrive. Tarpon are but a short boat ride away. The second longest
barrier reef in the world is only a short distance from Cayo Espanto and
incomparable snorkeling and SCUBA diving are just a part of the adventure that
awaits you.”

Here are some details:

  • Number of premium Villas = 5
  • Max. number of guests on island = 14
  • All houses are sea front and on the beach.
  • All cabanas have private pools.
  • Meals and drinks (excluding wine and Champagne) are included in the above rates.
  • Meals are served in the houses for private dining or on the various docks or in our dining palapa.
  • A varied cuisine is available. We tailor menus for each guests. They can meet the need of most special diets and requests.
  • Rates do not include a 9% Belize Government Tax charge, and a 15% resort fee.
  • Rates are per Night, per Couple, per House (except full Island bookings).
  • Rates include personal houseman, three tailored meals per day, snacks, all drinks (except champagne, wine and cordials), and non-motorized water sports.

So for about 2k per day, you too can have a honeymoon fit for celebrities. It is not that far off the price point. A 1500 square foot over water villa at the St. Regis in Bora Bora runs 12k per day….I don’t mind sharing the island with 4 other couples. So on that thought, Tony and Eva, stay away from this locale a little longer so I can afford this fall….wink, wink….

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“The City of Light”
Paris, France

Monterrey, Mexico

Turks and Caicos

We will be in Paris for 12 days in July. The wedding of the year is taking place there and so can yours. We will be deep in the heart of Mexico in August and the Jasiczek family will be in the Turks and Caicos for Christmas. Let us know if you have thought of having a destination wedding in these locations and we will be happy to give you some preliminary information. Jennifer has spent the last year dedicated to destination weddings, involved with several resort properties and travel agency.
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Day of coordination rates usually run $1750 for Jennifer or Dana and $1250 for April or Denise. We have a couple of weekends available and offering a special.

June 23rd
July 21st
These dates are available for $950. Email to set up your no obligation appointment.