Posted on Mar 29, 2008
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By now, we have all seen many surprise first dance numbers where the bride and groom mix it up. This is video from a 10th anniversary and they really mix it up. I must say, it made me want to “walk it out”!

Posted on Mar 10, 2008
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Bill and Delaina Harrison at their mini-shindig Jan 2006

I have posted a few times about a non-profit I am committed to serve as long as I can be of service. This year, I am assisting in production and live auction items. In the past, I have contributed to the live auction item called the “mini-shindig”. Here is the back story:
Many years ago, fresh out of college, awaiting to attend medical school, I volunteered with an organization call Communities in Schools. Their summer program employed many at-risk youth (at-risk of dropping out or getting in trouble if they had nothing to do). I was in charge of 5 teens who worked at a place called Mission Road Developmental Center (now called Mission Road Ministries). The program was called the Summer Outreach And Reacreation program (SOAR) and it was their first year. It was the most amazing experience of my life and I went to college in ROME and had mass with the POPE and swam in the AEGEAN SEA! There were so many great moments from that semester, but the SOAR program eclipsed it all. I left Communities in Schools and started medical school here in San Antonio, but my heart was with MRM. I went back, asked and for applied for a part time job. I was the part time recreation director. It was a blast. I held that position for about 2 years and then left medical school (much to the dismay of the parents) to take a QMRP (qualified mental retardation professional – more on that in another post) position with the adult program. I loved it….every minute. People with disabilities are so unique, yet so much the same like the rest of us. I have been a maverick in the industry and a forward thinking and always felt I was always ahead of my peers in thinking about this population in our society. Did you know Texas has ranked consistently last or next to last in funding for people with developmental disabilities for the past 15 years…so organizations like MRM need additional funds to supplement their programs. I have worked for 5 non-profits, both public and private in my 10 year career and hands down, MRM taught me everything I know in this career path. They also rank very high in the dignity and respect category. I have always been proud to have learned from them at such a young and impressionable age and hope to continue to serve.
The staff, leaders and the clients of MRM need YOUR support. Whether it be a small donation or a call to your friend who has something of value we can auction, use or otherwise gain benefit for and continue to serve. Every year, their large scale event is the Shindig. Last year it was the Great Train Robbery, this year it is the Boot Scooting Shindig. They have included mini-shindigs as an auction item. One of those years was purchased by Bill & Delaina Harrison. I think Bill bought this by proxy so Delaina wouldn’t know. He used his mini shindig to throw a surprise 39th birthday party for Delaina. She was SHOCKED. He said she would expect something for her 40th but not her 39th. All their friends came out and it was wonderful. This year I am calling on my friends in the event industry to help create another mini-shindig for the live auction.
I am also calling on all my West Texas friends. I think a good old fashioned Deer Hunt in Sutton County would be great…. Jack Wardlaw, I’ll be coming to see you soon.
I am calling on my friends in Port Aransas where we like to weekend, we need a big game fishing trip too.
If you have any suggestions, please post it on the comments here.