Posted on Apr 21, 2008
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I know, I know – this is an event planners blog – but, the Spurs are a big part of our life this time of year. We have been blessed to know many players, their wives and families these past years. I’ll get to the events a little later. WIth Fiesta upon us, we have 5 private events this week and pictures will be coming soon.

Manu Ginobli won Sixth Man of the Year award today.

I will see you all at the game tomorrow.
Tonight – the Cavaliers River Parade.
Posted on Apr 19, 2008
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San Antonio 117 – Phoenix 115

double overtime!

What an amazing game. Oh what joy! We thoroughly enjoyed the game today. If you haven’t been to a play off game yet, I highly recommend it. Especially on days like today. The way the Western Conference is lined up, it will be an exciting trip to the finals this year.
See you at the game!
Posted on Apr 17, 2008
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Friday, April 18th
Noon – 4pm
Arneson River Theatre
Friday’s show will feature all things Fiesta:
Mariachi Los Caporales – my personal favorite, Roy Quintera has the best group in San Antonio
Fiesta Commission – this year’s Fiesta Commission President is our good friend John Steen
NIOSA – Night in Old San Antonio
Southwest School of Art and Craft – one of my favorite venues