Posted on Mar 14, 2009
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I am wrapping up a very chic wedding in Paris France tonight (it’s about 8pm local Paris time). My husband emailed me the link to WOAI’s Hotel Valencia Wedding Experience. I had heard about this and caught glimpses here and there, but haven’t remembered to TIVO these segments. I was really pleased to hear my good friend and colleague is one of the potential photographers. David Sixt is definitely one of my favorite photographers here in San Antonio and was one of the first great wedding professionals I met when I began many years ago.

So my blog readers, I want you all to run out and vote for David Sixt. It is not many a bride who will have the luxury to work with David, Heather and Nancy and we can give this to her. Blake and Bethany, congratulations and we wish you well! We hope you get the best and our vote is for David Sixt.