Posted on Jan 04, 2010
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Are you newly engaged over the holidays? Congratulations! During these next few weeks, you will participate in a flurry of activity, possibly attended the first big bridal show of the engagement season yesterday. The San Antonio wedding community has much to offer. There are three known bridal shows from now until March and then they repeat all over again to keep you wanting more. There are also many planning sites to provide you with enough eye candy your planning juices will begin to flow immediately.

Here are some helpful tips from a seasoned professional:
Don’t be in a hurry to book the first best thing you see; you are creating a team to help you deliver magic. It takes some finesse and great interview skills. Ask for references, do some internet research, ask for pictures of a full wedding, not just their favorite pictures.

Do you already have your guest list? Don’t book a venue without knowing how much space you need. When you list your potential venues side by side to compare, be sure to include everything – do they include tables and chair or do you have to rent them? Can you bring in your own liquor or have to use theirs or your caterers, etc… All these add to the cost, but when you add it all up, they might be very close in numbers and you can go with your favorite, not just your best choice for your wallet. So be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Of course, may I suggest hiring a wedding planner? Call me! (210-563-6705). I am serious when I say consider working with a professional wedding planner. There are many of us in the community. If you find a vendor you like, ask for a recommendation. I love when my favorite venues and vendors recommend me. Word of mouth has always been a great way to source vendors. In the meantime, there are many online communities and website with organizing task lists to help you get started. Come back later in the week for more tips for the newly engaged.