Posted on Feb 03, 2010
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A Regal Affair is please to bring to the great state of Texas, the {GET REAL} Sales Workshop. We are hosting Saundra Hadley, sale guru to wedding professional in (2) one day workshops geared to assist small business Close the Deal.

saundra hadley

You can read Saundra’s blog post about the workshop here. Never mind that she mispelled my name – we’ve only been friends for 7 years and BFFs for a few. (Just had to throw that in there! HA!)

The dates are March 16th in Houston at the Christine Tremoulet Studio and March 18th in Dallas.

You can find the registration for the Houston or Dallas workshop here.

Description of the {GET REAL} Sales Workshop

What’s in it for You:
This one-day workshop will be chock full of applicable sales techniques that will let you leave the door and immediately implement positive changes. It is comprehensive, fast-paced, blunt, collaborative, profound, humorous and will take you to the next level of Closing the Sale with your prospective clients.

You ALREADY know that selling your services to clients is getting more challenging than ever before. An increase of competition compelled with a decrease of consumer spending and a difficult economy has left all of our small businesses in an unsettled state of mind. It’s time to analyze what we can do to be more effective and closing more sales is a definite step in the right direction.

Who should attend?
Photographers, wedding planners, stationers, bakers, hotel coordinators, videographers, newbie’s to the industry, and more. If you are in the wedding industry and a professional who is selling to the consumer; this workshop will help you.

What’s so different about this workshop?
To be sure that the topics covered are geared towards “you” and “your needs”, a questionnaire will be sent out prior to the workshop date for you to fill out. From the feedback, your concerns and challenges will be incorporated and addressed in the workshop curriculum.

CAUTION: Only concrete principles and specific examples of sales tactics will be taught to increase your sales closure rate. Fluffy talk, abstract theories that only nuclear engineers can apply or empty promises of you increasing your revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars will NOT happen. But will happen is for you to hit the ground running and make some serious changes that will affect your bottom line.

Another workshop for our industry? Really?
There are only about a hundred new workshops for our industry, right? At first glance it appears to be a little saturated. But take a closer look. Years ago you would have to wait for a monthly professional meeting or worse, a once a year, large event conference that would cover every topic from A to Z. Small workshops that focus specifically on an area of business that you need assistance with is a much better use of your time and investment dollars.


9 – 10am     Networking (continental breakfast)

10 – 12pm   Workshop with Breakout Sessions

12 – 1pm      Lunch (provided)

1 – 3pm        Workshop with Breakout Sessions


  1. Face the Fear
  2. The Process of the Sale
  3. Getting the Inquiry to Consult
  4. Pre-qualifying
  5. Marketing “Sales Words”
  6. Top Sales Mistakes
  7. Overcoming Objections
  8. Never, Ever ….
  9. The Consult Magic
  10. Winning Proposals
  11. Closing the Sale
  12. Tracking your Sales Cycle
  13. Selling in a Recession (Sucks)

Limited seating available.

If you are interested in hosting {GET REAL} Sales Workshop in your city, please contact me via email. jennifer{at} regalaffair dot com