Posted on Jul 09, 2008
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I hate to admit, when client’s ask me about a guest book idea for their wedding, I have been saying the same thing for 4 years and I do hate sounding like a broken record. The Polaroid Guest Book. My favorite version is 12×12 black acid free sheets filled with gold or silver loving messages from their guest accompanied with a picture of how they looked at that moment. My favorite end product is storing them in a square archival box, unbound and loose for them to look at.

Yesterday, I went out and purchased the newest product from Polaroid. The Polaroid PoGo – Reinventing Instant Photography for the Digital Age™. It is a nifty little printer that prints out in about 1 minute. Sometimes a little more and sometimes less. You can send pictures from your phone (must be compatible) or your digital camera. When I heard about this, I just had to have it. It debuted at Best Buy on July 6th and you know I was there on the 7th. My kids and I love it. I have had a few photos in my palm centro that I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of the phone and printed.

The great thing for wedding is that it comes with a sticky back and the size – 2″x 3″ borderless images. I can’t wait to use this for someones event, but just on a personal level, it has been fun. The cost per print is also less than a regular Polaroid. 33 cents per print vs. $1 per print. I have found the pictures from my centro come out better than my digital camera. Regardless, I love t his little thing… However I will recommend 8×11 sheets of archival paper for weddings as opposed to 12×12.

Here are the stats straight from Polaroid:

Polaroid has reinvented instant photography for the digital age with the
Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer. Sleek, stylish, and easy to use, the
Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer lets you share photos whether you are on
vacation or just hanging out with your friends. Bring Polaroid magic from your
camera cell phone or digital camera with ZINK™ Zero Ink™ Printing Technology
from ZINK Imaging. Mobile and easy-to-use, the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile
Printer provides a new, innovative way to share digital photos directly from
your camera cell phone or digital camera, instantly. The Polaroid Way.

What You Get
• 2” x 3” borderless, sticky-back prints
Bluetooth, PictBridge compatible
• Smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-proof photos
• Fade-resistant, long-lasting images
• No waste – no ink cartridges
• Prints in about 60 seconds
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Mobile Printer:
Size: 120mm (4.7”) H X 72mm (2.8”) W X 23.5mm (0.9”) D
Weight: 8 oz (without paper) includes battery
Battery: 7.2V rechargeable lithium-ion15 Prints per charge at 25 C Battery is replaceable
User Interface: 2 Tri-Color LED indicators
AC Adapter: 9V output Universal Input 100V to 240 VAC Printer will print when plug into the AC adapter
Connectivity: Bluetooth (Class 2) OPP USB 2.0 USB A connector
Print Speed: 60 seconds per print, from send to share

ZINK™ Paper:
Size: 50mm (2”) X 76.2mm (3”)
Features: Full-bleed, border less image ZINKinkless printing embeds color into the paper Prints dry-to-touch, water-resistant, tear-proof, smudge-proof

Peel-off, sticky-backed Automatic image quality optimization