Posted on Jul 28, 2006
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Here are my favorite movies with references to weddings in them. What are yours?
10. The Wedding Planner – cute, who can’t love Jennifer Lopez that year. She had the triple crown of entertainment back then. No 1 movie, No 1 single, and No 1 album. It’s not that easy and I wish I looked that good working an event.
9. The Wedding Banquet – A little deception in the reception – FUNNY. This movie is by Ang Lee. The jist of the story is the groom is gay and agrees to a marriage of convenience to pacify his parents. Parents show up and it is a barrel of laughs from there.
8. Wedding Crashers – Although I don’t have any experience in wedding crashers, I was impressed by the story line and laugh my way through the whole thing. I heart Vince Vaughn and he quirks and manner of speaking.
7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding – someday, I will write a short story about My Big Fat Mexican Wedding. Enough said, My Big Fat (insert your culture here) Wedding. We’ve all been there and done that.
6. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – I love musicals and this is not a miss. The eldest brother goes into town to find a wife and convinces her to marry him in the same day. This movie is from 1954 and I remember watching this with my grandma one summer. Who knew I would remember this and have in a top ten list.
5. Bend it Like Beckham – First off, I love the music in this movie and who can resist all the references to Beckham, king of soccer. The story centers around a girl who wants to play soccer, but will not be able to find a suitable husband acting like a boy. Secondary story line is the sister whose wedding on, off and on again. Again, great music – I highly recommend it.
4. It Had to Be You – can you hear the music now? Ginger Rogers has a serious case of cold feet. If nothing else, she has fabulous wedding gowns for her many trips down the aisle. This movie is from 1947. The modern version is Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts.
3. Father of the Bride – New version with Steve Martin – Don’t know what to say. “I want the cheaper chicken” comes to mind. Love this movie!
2. Wedding Singer – I was a teen in the 80’s and I love just about everything about this movie – the Burt and Loni references, the music, the clothes!! I am big SNL fan and Adam Sandler had me at I Do.
1. Muriel’s Wedding – My all time favorite movie about a gal who just wants to get married. Go out and rent this today.