Posted on Dec 22, 2011
Posted in Wedding Tips

"He did good"

The flurry of engagements at this time of year makes us in the industry excited… For you and for us!  The engagement season of 2011-12 is especially exciting for me as my cousin asked his long time girl friend to marry.  I am also patiently awaiting the engagement of three other close friends.  There have also been some social media friends very recently engaged… from Thanksgiving to this past weekend.  Turning out to be a bright 2012 for my young friends.

So here is my first free tip to the newly engaged.  No.. I’m going to give you a break on the money talk.  You all know you need to have the budget talk among yourselves and the parents.  One of the first tasks you really should consider completing is making your guest list.  Now you ask? Yes, Now.  Depending on the size of the list and realistic expectations of who will actually attend may factor into booking your dream reception venue.

Think about it: you want this gorgeous downtown historic venue. It holds a perfect 100 but can accommodate 140. You send 150 invites – yikes! That is the equivalent of 300 people. Depending on the time of year, sufficient notice and frankly family / friend connections you could have 300.  I had 400 and I couldn’t believe it.

So take a deep breath, make your first draft and then let’s start taking venue tours. Good luck and congratulations to the newly engaged!

Image from Ashton Teal (a social media friend) She tweeted: Wow. I’m in love. He did good.