the Process

Here at A Regal Affair, we have a tried and true process and the first step is a no obligation appointment. In most cases, these meetings last 2 hours. Every wedding is unique and different and we want to hear all about it. It is at this time we get to know you and vice versa.

During this planning process we will spend a great amount of time together and it is important you are completely confortable and confident in our abilities. Make time in the schedule to thoroughly vet your potential planner. Your planner (us) will build your dream team so you want it to be with a person who will be your friend when this is all over.

After this meeting, we will go back and create a budget + proposal for services.

Full Service

Full service is just as described.

Partial Planning

We will provide you with a customized wedding planning proposal. You can have many levels of service between full planning and month of coordination. We can help you prioritize your budget and propose only those services you need AND fit in your budget.

Terms and Conditions

Ahhh, the legalease... the boring yet important stuff.

Now that you love us, how do we get started? Every contract is the same, it starts with an executed contract and a $500 non-refundable retainer. Payment plans vary but everyone starts the same. $500 holds your date. Our fee structure is a flat fee based on the work we do.

Click here to read our contract to become familiar with the legal while I work on your customized proposal.